Maya virus warning

Autodesk is reporting a security vulnerability in Maya, which exploits scriptnodes to spread a malicious usersSetup that can mess with people’s files.

They’re published a security fix here:

It’s a very, very good idea to download and run this if you have any exposure to out of house maya files.

Hat tip to @Mark-J who brought this to people’s attention on slack


the operative bit is a function called MayaScan – it’s a mel procedure but once the plugin is loaded you can call it via maya.cmds. So

cmds.loadPlugin('MayaScanner', qt=True)
cmds.loadPlugin('MayaScannerCB', qt=True)  # evidently a file save callback script

should be what you need to add to your setup routines. If this throws an exception you’ll need to make the users download the plugins.