Maya Python two model panel side by side

Hello, i try to get two viewports in the same panel but side by side, not top bottom.

this is what i get so far :

import maya.cmds as cmds

MyLabel = ‘My Panel’
cmds.frameLayout( lv=0)
cmds.modelPanel( l=MyLabel )
cmds.frameLayout( lv=0 )
cmds.modelPanel( l=MyLabel )

I have tried many other solutions to parent cmds.modelPanel() to layouts and other panels but I cannot figure it out. It’s either top bottom or not visible.

I try to use maya.cmds because I am not familiar with Maya Api.

Thank you very much If you have some hint for me.

Have a good day !

I found a solution on another place :

import maya.cmds as cmds

row = cmds.rowLayout( numberOfColumns=3, columnWidth3=(640, 640, 640), adjustableColumn=2, columnAlign=(1, ‘right’), columnAttach=[(1, ‘both’, 0), (2, ‘both’, 0), (3, ‘both’, 0)] )
frame1 = cmds.paneLayout(w=640, h=288, parent=row)
frame2 = cmds.paneLayout(w=640, h=288, parent=row)
frame3 = cmds.paneLayout(w=640, h=288, parent=row)

I now try to get all modelPanel responsive, the rowLayout seems to allow only one adjustable column, don’t know if there is a trick to make 3 columns adjustable