(Maya) Export file node adjustments to a new file

Hey there, I want to bake adjustments to a file node in Maya. Is there an easy way to bake it out without applying it to an object and using convert to texture.
Before I code it - just want to make sure there is no built in command to spit out the simple adjustments like exposure to a new file ?

is ‘convertSolidTx’ the only way forward ?


you mean you want to use the file attributes to adjust the image and then spit out the adjusted version to another image?

Yes exactly!
I think that command is as simple as it gets tbh.

I want to make a button to overwrite adjustments to the original file. Eg tiny exposure adjustment…

This is to work with Stingray shaders without popping into Photoshop.

I recall doing something similar in 3DS Max - capture a manipulated texture image. It involved using the renderer to generate the updated image.

Arnold has a Render to Texture feature

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Command is great… There is a -sampleplane command so you can export any render node… So all very simple…

Yes. Or use MEL or Python command arnoldRenderToTexture

cmds.arnoldRenderToTexture([shape],             # or selected shape
                           folder = outFolder,
                           shader = shader,
                           resolution = resolution,
                           aa_samples = aa_sampling,
                           filter = filter_type,
                           filter_width = filter_width,
                           all_udims = all_udims,
                           udims = udims,
                           uv_set = uv_set,
                           normal_offset = normalOffset,
                           enable_aovs = enableAovs,
                           extend_edges = extendEdges,
                           u_start = uStart,
                           u_scale = uScale,
                           v_start = vStart,
                           v_scale = vScale,
                           sequence = useSequence,
                           frame_start = frameStart,
                           frame_end = frameEnd,
                           frame_step = frameStep,
                           frame_padding = framePadding)

For example:

import maya.cmds as cmds
cmds.arnoldRenderToTexture('pCubeShape1', folder = r'C:\temp', all_udims = True, resolution = 4096)