Maya Arnold - Lentil camera toolkit custom build

Has anyone successfully compiled their own version of Lentil for Arnold?
I’ve followed the directions as best I can on the github repository but Maya won’t read the resulting plugin and i feel like i’m missing some files when the Cryptomatte plugin compiles.

I’m doing this on Windows 11 fwiw.
I’m using CMake 3.27.
I’m compiling for Arnold


  • I download the lentil-lentil-2.5 repository along with the necessary Eigen/fmt/pota/CryptomatteArnold respositories.
  • I use CMake to build Eigen, then fmt, then pota to subdirectories /build in each.
  • I then open “Developer Command Prompt for VS2015”.
  • and run the build code: msbuild “B:/lentil/CryptomatteArnold/build/INSTALL.vcxproj” /p:Configuration=Release
  • (minor difference from the documentation i used the full path and switch the slash direction and added quotes)
I then get the following files:

The install.txt file says:

For MtoA (in-place install)
- See also: [MtoA (Maya)](
- Libraries and MTD files found in the 'bin' directory go somewhere in your ARNOLD_PLUGIN_PATH or in 'shaders' under your MtoA installation directory
- *.py interface templates found in the 'ae' directory go somwhere in your MTOA_TEMPLATES_PATH or in 'scripts/mtoa/ui/ae' under your MtoA installation directory

This seems to indicate to me that im missing some files in the compile, since I dont have any .MTD files and the only 2 files in /bin are the 2 cryptomatte files.

Did I need to have the files in different directories? The arnold crypto matte build is happening from a sister directory to the other projects. I assume its setup to know that… was i supposed to pre-compile those 3 projects to the lentil/build instead of lentil/Eigen/build for example?

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


Discord invite: LENIL

max (rombotools): We did a Lentil re-compile for Arnold core 7.2 (win/linux):

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Hi! Thanks so much for replying!
I’m aware of Brian Hanke’s releases. I’m also on the discord but it seems mostly about Brian Hanke’s builds these days. Can’t find current info on making a custom build.

Wish I could use the 7.2 build you just posted! Seems it was built for C4D?

Even if the other files are for Maya though, I’m looking to compile the plugin for a custom version of Arnold. So was hoping to figure out where I’m getting stuck.
If you have any insight that’d be awesome!

Side note: it says to use a custom version of Cryptomatte when compiling to maintain usability of Crypto while also using Lentil. However even if I built the plugin with a different version of crypto wouldnt i ultimately have to replace the cryptomatte.dll? how could i keep both?