Looking for Maya Biped Rigging Teacher

I need to learn the correct way of rigging a biped character for film in Maya 2022.
Rigging would include forward and inverse kinematics, control objects, set driven key controls, blend shapes and paint skin weights. I already have the character and a lot of the rig built.
The character will be doing very basic things.
Im looking for someone who can TEACH ME the correct way to character rig for film, NOT someone
to do it for me. I will bombard you with questions, just so you know.
I am looking for someone who really knows their stuff.
Thanks and looking forward to making a good connection.
I am willing to pay good money. Im sure we can come to an agreement.

I’m happy to help you in your rigging journey. You can reach me on Discord @ weatherman777#3751

Well thats great. Thank you.
Its John with the rigging journey.
I think we’ve exchanged posts on Tech artists
a few times. I will get back to you tomorrow
via email about where I stand with my Maya
character rigging knowledge and where I fall
short. Looking forward to it.

How do I reach you at-----> Discord @ weatherman777#3751 ???

Discord is a free messaging app. weatherman777#3751 is my username