Lead Technical Animator - Metahuman Creator - Epic Games

:wave: I hope all is well with the Tech Art Gang!

Heads up:
Epic Games Metahuman Team is now actively hiring a Lead Technical Animator in Europe who can join our team and bring expertise around Deformation, IK and rigging systems. The role is quite unique being that it pivots between Metahuman and Unreal Engine core teams. ideally, you will have significant experience in shipping AAA Games and/or super high-quality Film / VFX.

Stuff you will do!

  • Help design and implement new Unreal Engine character technologies related to rigging and deformation.
  • Set and maintain the MetaHuman quality bar on new assets from a rigging and deformation standpoint.
  • Work with animators to improve the MetaHuman puppet and develop new animation and rigging interfaces and tools.
  • Be the advocate working with engineering to ensure new rigging technologies are performant on target hardware.

For more info please do feel free to ping me directly here or via the community slack channel. I can also be contacted via E-mail at [email protected]

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