Lead Pipeline Programmer at Playstation London

We’re looking for a Lead Pipeline Programmer to come join the team at Playstation London

You can find the job spec at Lead Pipeline Programmer - Permanent - London Studio

But some quick pilfering for Knowledge and Exp is:

  • Excellent C++, advanced C# and Python (including PySide)
  • In-depth Maya experience, including MayaAPI and plugin authoring
  • Practical experience developing modern content pipelines around the main DCCs and build/production infrastructure
  • Understand the needs of a large art and animation team on an ambitious project
  • Enjoy managing and growing an engaged technical team
  • Confident using Jira for both day-to-day tracking and more detailed planning
  • Ability to investigate and solve complex, systemic problems
  • Provide clarity and direction when faced with ambiguity and contending priorities
  • Excellent cross-department communication and documentation skills, both technical and non-technical
  • Forever curious

Come help influence our pipeline for our game (and the studio as a whole!)

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