Is it possible to walk through a customized fbx grouping structure in unreal python?

Hi, I’m trying to write an import script in unreal python. This should theoretically be a prevalent topic since I have seen this all the time in studios, but couldn’t figure it out myself.

Let’s just say I have a geometry asset in Maya with a predefined grouping, example:
asset root node>geo_grp>lod0/lod1/etc… / actual mesh
asset root node>col_grp> collision mesh

Going through the documentation I’ve seen some functions such as StaticMeshEditorSubsystem.import_lods(not sure how to import a collision mesh in code). I also feel which functions belong in which modules are all over the place but that’s a side complaint.

Just want to see if there’s a better way to assign the exact mesh from within my grouping structure to which lod level or which collision type.


I’m not sure you can directly walk the fbx structure after it’s imported in UE4 (haven’t touched UE5 so couldn’t say)
I guess for this specific setup, why would you need to access it in py since py isn’t runtime code?