Houdini Hipfile Diff Tool

I’ve developed a Houdini Hipfile Diff Tool to address the challenge of tracking changes in Houdini hipfiles. This tool, inspired by ‘git diff’, offers a dual-view comparison, visual indicators for changes, synchronized navigation, and a search feature. It’s tailored for the Houdini environment using hython 3.9.

The tool is open-source and available on my GitHub https://github.com/golubevcg/hip_file_diff_tool

I also have a small article on my website about this tool:

Feedback and collaboration are welcome. If you encounter any bugs or issues, please don’t hesitate to send me a message. Let’s refine our Houdini tools together.



I’ve just released Version 1.1 of Hip Diff Tool, bringing some updates and features.

Key Highlights of v1.1:

  • Enhanced Visibility: Node input connections are now visible in diffs.
  • UserDataDict Support: Added support for diffs in per node userDataDicts.
  • String Diff Window: New window for comparing longer strings, scripts, or dictionaries.
  • Efficient Collaboration: new option to share links to specific nodes or string diff windows, integrated into studio workflows with environment variable setup.
  • Simplified Defaults: ‘Show only edited’ is now checked by default.
  • API Enhancements: Significant improvements and refactorings for a smoother experience.
  • Improved API unit testing coverage.

For a more detailed description of the update, visit my website: https://golubevcg.com/post/what’s_new_in_my_hipfile_diff_tool_v1.1_update

As usual, the source code for this tool is available for everyone for free through my github repository: GitHub - golubevcg/hip_file_diff_tool