glTF and Maya workflow

Has anyone been working with the glTF format using Maya? I managed to get the exporter plugin working, but was wondering if there is a way to load or import gltf files as well.

Around 2020, When I investigated gltf as a possible exchange format to replace FBX, I found that all the Maya gltf importers available online used the FBX sdk under the hood. So we would have replaced FBX > Maya with Gltf > FBX > Maya and not solved any FBX issues (mainly ASCII mangling destroying game specific mat/tex path info)


interesting. I found a decent plugin from khronos group, but I think it’s only an exporter. Would be great to get it working bidirectionally, so to not have to save 2 versions of the asset.

Simlab has a commercial gltf to Maya importer, I think this is the one I am recalling

Houdini & blender support gltf, maybe those are options?

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Thanks for the info. I will give Simlab a try. I saw that “Omniverse” and “babylon.js maya exporter” could be an option as well.