Creating a ‘madame dancing in a bubble’ visual effects with Augusto Lombardi


This is an abridged version of the recording of Augusto Lombardi’s August 24, 2018 Webinar tutorial on how to wire up a thinkingParticles DynamicSetup to create a dancing madame in a bubble. This v/fx scene was derived from a similar scene that Augusto worked on with Pixomondo, China in the well received, Award-winning movie, ‘Gone with the Bullets’ (Shanghai/Beijing). The full version is noted on the video.

(Please stay till video end for the next LIVE Webinar (teaser) which Hristo Velev will be presenting)

In this webinar, Augusto deftly brings us through an intermediate-advanced level of complexity in thinkingParticles visual effects, showing the quickest and simplest way to achieve the bubble dance scene. We cannot thank Augusto enough for his generosity in doing this LIVE webinar for cebas Visual Technology, Inc. and allowing for the release of this webinar recording to enthusiastic FX artists and learners in our large VFX community online. We hope you will benefit greatly from learning how thinkingParticles logic works - we hear from new users and students all the time - that it was not easy but it was definitely highly satisfying to learn the ropes, which once you get on board with the instinctual logic, it will be a breeze.

So grab your favorite cuppa and find a good time for yourself and learn the ropes.

Again , mark your calendar : October 31, PST 10 AM HRISTO VELEV will be presenting the next ‘bombing/explosion destruction effects’ with thinkingParticles.

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