Batch delay particles in unity

Hi all,

Was wondering if anyone know of a way to batch re-time particle systems? Right now I’m mostly looking for a way to add delay to multiple emitters. Unity has a way to individually add or even multiply delay per field in shuriken, so:

[delay: .5+.35] will give [delay: .85].

But say, I want to add a .35s delay to a multiple emitters, if I shift-select them, and append “+.35”, I just get [delay: .35] on all of them, i.e. it ignores each individual emitters’ value.

Anyone know of a way to make unity recognize I want to keep whatever value is currently stored in each emitter and add my delay? I tried some wild cards after shift+selecting I thought . +.35 might work and i+.35 but it just set all fields to 0. Is there a special wildcard I may not know of that could work here?

Also open to asset store tools that could help with this, but couldn’t find anything :frowning: Thanks!!!