[PyQT] Model View Video Tutorial Series (Part 01)



yw :slight_smile:

I wish I had done it this way in the tutorials but oh well, was a year ago so :slight_smile:


Hi Yasin,
I am new to PyQT and wanted to thank you for these videos. I have watched them up to the treeview section which is what I need for a project. I have been largely successful but have one remaining question. Why is the root node not displayed in the treeview? I see this same thing in your examle in video 04_3. The rootnode “hips” is not displayed but its children are inside of the treeview. I have noticed that there is an option: rootIsDecorated but this appears to be enabled by default.



Sorry for the necrobumping, but the stuff about treeview and the nodes reaaaaaally helped me out. Thanks a ton!