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Adnan Chaumette 9:17 PM

Is there a common property in a Maya scene that one could use as an identifier? the UUID property we get through cmds.fileInfo('UUID', q=True) gets renewed on every scene save, while the cutIdentifier is the same for every scene (per Maya version?).
I’m looking for some sticky attribute that stays the same on a scene no matter what. Can always just rely on the attribute of some sticky node in the scene, of course, but wanted to double check first

Bob White Yesterday at 5:24 AM

I don’t think there is a built in id like that, you can easily insert a UUID into fileInfo and then it would always be there

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Adnan Chaumette 19 hours ago

Can’t believe I’ve missed that you can create attributes as well with it thanks a lot Bob! Really appreciate it.
I was about to go the custom node with data in the scene route, but since it’s only needed to store a json string + an int, felt like there must be a simpler way.

Bob White 19 hours ago

One thing to watch out for with fileInfo is that it escapes " with a backslash.
So least painful way to store something in there is to get your string, and then run it through base64 and toss that into the fileInfo, and then when pulling it back out, you can safely just run that back through base64 to get the original


Adnan Chaumette 18 hours ago

Thanks for the heads up! super useful to know

Bob White 18 hours ago

Yeah, I’m not sure if its still in there, but I added some code for just handling the quote escaping to the pymel version of fileInfo, but it only does quote escaping, if there are other characters that get escaped I don’t know how nicely it plays with that. The base64 method is way more universal because none of the resulting characters need escapes


Steve Theodore 1 minute ago

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Steve Theodore 1 minute ago

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