How to scale models have keyframes

Hey guys,

My problem is not seem to be very hard but I cannot solve it.

I am trying to script with Python Fbx SDK to scale models. And I am using LclScaling.Set() to set scale value. But I found if this model has keyframes, then the scaling is not applied.

So my question is how to properly scale models that have keyframes. Here is my code:

        scale = node.LclScaling.Get()
        value = self.scale_factor
        node.LclScaling.Set(fbx.FbxDouble3(scale[0] * value, scale[1] * value, scale[2] * value))

I figured it out. In Maya, if I set translate or rotate keyframes, the scale property would also has Animation Node in FBX SDK. So, if I want to modify scale property, I should use SetChannelValue or FbxAnimCurveFilterScale instead of LclScaling.Set().


Man in this moment I’m making the same in python but doesn’t work please help me to solved this I need to scale a node, from python but doesn’t work here my code in auto desk forum. FOr now I can get the meshes points and vertices and draw in my engine game but I can’t scaling using LclScaling.Set(). please help, My email is [email protected] write me I can pay for that.

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