Cloud Computing in Animation

Hello, my name is Carlos, a long-time lurker, and first-time poster that hopes to become a Technical Artist within the next two years. As part of my coursework, I am writing a report that relates to my career interest and I thought cloud computing in the animation industry was an excellent subject to focus on. My thinking is that incorporating cloud services into the production and postproduction processes would help boost productivity and reduce cost, via traditional advantages like scalability and new ones like more collaborative workspaces and data centers for deep learning applications in rigging and texturing. I would like to collect feedback from professionals in the field as part of my research. As such I would be grateful if you could answer some questions with regard to this topic.

Survey Questionnaire
Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions. The following questions relate to cloud computing: how it is used in your profession, how it affects your industry, and what the general reception has been.

  1. Are you familiar with cloud computing?
  2. To what degree is cloud computing used in your profession?
  3. What are the current applications of cloud computing in your industry?
  4. What are the potential applications of cloud computing in your industry?
  5. How has using cloud computing services affected costs and productivity?
  6. Are there obstacles to integrating cloud computing into existing workflow?
  7. How have you and others you know responded to cloud computing?
  8. What downsides are there to using cloud computing that others should be aware of?
  9. Is learning about cloud computing important for those in your profession? If so, where should they start?