Arnold render options through python


Hey guys,

Does anyone know where I can find out what are the Arnold render settings documentation?

I’m writing a script to render out images from Arnold (like in a turntable batch render type)

I’m getting quite stymied by the lack of documentation on the matter. Took a while to figure out how to access Arnold’s settings so that I can render and write in the file format I want.

Now it’s screwing with my naming extension, and I can’t access the commands to change it.

Arnold seems to override the render settings of Maya, so I couldn’t find a way go change it through maya’s internal functions.

If anyone knows where I can go to find the information , that will be great!


This should be a good place to start.


Hey Max, many thanks for finding that link.

I’ve found that myself. It has helped a lot, but there are some details I wanted to find, like parameters for formatting file names, that I couldn’t find.

I really appreciate the time you have taken out to reply though.

Right now, I think I’m just going to get Python to reformat the file names and move the files to the correct place with shutil or something.


Hi, sorry for a late reply.


import pymel.core as pm


from maya import cmds
cmds.setAttr('defaultRenderGlobals.imageFilePrefix', 'name', type='string')

Hey Max,

Sorry, finally got the chance to sit down and work through my script again.

Thanks so much for taking the time out and helping me with this man!

I’ve basically just used python to file rename and move things around. I’m only dealing with thumbnails for now so it’s an ok solution.

I tried the defaultRenderGlobals settings, but Arnold overrides the command.

Or at least it does in my scripts. I’m not sure, maybe the ordering is important or something. I’ll keep looking for solutions, but thanks a lot Max, really appreciate your generosity.