Why This Syntax Error?

I have a nurbs circle created on the Maya stage called----> nurbsCircle1
and im trying to get its world space coordinates using xform, but getting
a syntax error. ??

circ = 'nurbsCircle1'
print(cmds.xform(circ, query=True, translation=True))

Is there more code than just that?
What’s the actual error say. Always post the actual error redacting any private data.
That code looks fine syntactically.

print(cmds.xform(circ, query=True, translation=True))

Won’t return workspace position I don’t think, you’ll want to use the worldSpace flag.

Silly question, but you’re not calling it in a Mel tab are you?
As @csprance mentioned already, your code is syntactically correct for python.

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Not silly at all…that was it, I was calling it from a Mel tab…geeez

Happens to all of us! :slight_smile: