Weird 180 degrees twist on quadruped right front leg IK setup

Hi! So I’m kind of new to rigging, still following a bunch of tutorials to know my way around stuff. Recently I’ve been trying to learn quadruped rigging through this tutorial and a weird twist is happening on the right leg only (left is just fine) and I can’t figure out why. I’m using the Limb 3 method of this video. Can someone shed a light on why this is happening and how to fix it? I did the exact same setup as I did on the left leg, but this twist only happens on the right leg. Thank you!

Just gonna throw in a guess, does the right controller happen to be scaled in one axis if you mirrored it over from the left?

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Oh, yeah, I’ve just seen that the parent group of the control is scaled -1 on Z-axis and rotated 180 degrees as well. The control itself is zeroed out. I just tried freezing the transformation of the parent group and now everything is working as it should be. Thank you! I had no idea this could be the issue, such a silly thing. lol

No idea what causes it, but another solution could be to point constraint the ikHandle to the controller instead of parenting it. Incase you want to keep the mirrored behaviour on the controllers.

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Will do, thanks for the tip!