VFX Reels

Hello all,
I wanted to start a thread for reels so here it is. Post your latest reels here!

Here’s the 2 that I worked on in the last couple years. The first one is for Singularity, I worked on this with a few people VFX were: Tim Elek, Shen Spurgeon, and Mike Voeller.


Callout sheet here if you’re interested.

Next is a Homefront reel. I came into the project late, and Kaos didn’t have anyone dedicated to VFX for a few months. So it was more of damage control to get the game out of the door. so that was an interesting situation to say the least. Worked on this with Matt Vitalone and Gavin Lerner mainly.


All the callouts are on the reel.

Working on some new stuff now, but I’ll start a WIP thread as soon as I get it to a place where its view-able. Still in concept stage now.

Until next time


Awesome Fred! I have your reel in my inspiration folder :stuck_out_tongue:

This is my 2010-1 Reel after I finished at UTV Ignition games.


I need to update it with more swtor footage and some newer Unreal projects I have been working on.

I’ll put mine up here as well. I may not be a heavy hitter like some of you but if I get the reel in quick enough, some people might still see it! :cool:

It’s from around the time I finished working on Disney Universe last year.

Lee: wow cool reel! I saw you posted that you did some tests in Unity. I still haven’t had a chance to look at that engine. Is it comparable to UDK? I’m pretty ignorant on that system, but I want to take a look at it when I get some spare time… :laugh: Looks like you had some fun with the magic stuffs. I’ve not had a chance to do a lot of that with the work but the sci-fi stuff becomes magic after a while. I would really love to do a steampunk game with a mix of magic, science and alchemy… oh yeah that would be bioshock infinite… sigh

Andreas: looking at your reel makes me realize that there are a lot of VFX that I haven’t really tried to do. I think your cartoon stuff is really refreshing and really fun. looks like you had a blast working on them! :): Sweet!


I should dig up my old reels. They are pretty embarrassing.

They got me this far though, so I guess it’s not so bad. A VFX reel is an interesting thing, because a lot of your work is behind the scenes and nobody will ever see it. You want to keep a reel short, so again, you only put in the big stuff.

People keep posting!

@Fred thanks! I’m super jealous of you guys and your next gen reels, flashy shaders, etc. Since all i seem to do is magical things. I have some current gen stuff that I cannot show yet, soon maybe :slight_smile:

Only spent around 6 hours on unity this weekend, the new particle engine feels like UDK messing with it. I like that you can have multiple systems within a particle system. I don’t like how you have to have it selected to see it animate in real-time. Scrolling uvs, I discovered that you have to do that with code :(. The shader system isn’t as advanced as I would of liked, maybe I can find a plugin for it.

I watched the 3dBuzz free tutorials on the particle system, got me started on the previous engine, the newer engine uses the same terminology. (energy = life span)

@Andreas I awesome Reel! another one to download for reference :). Nice variety of work!

@Jeremy lets see the good stuff!!

Very cool stuff =) Fred you’ve got some great material work happening, it’s not overpowering and really adds lots of subtle complexity. Andreas, don’t sell yourself short! I worked on a kids MMO and I wish our FX looked as good as yours. Lee your magic stuff is always spot on, good motion and flow.

Grrr not to be a noob but I can’t seem to get my vimeo reel to embed on the forum like everyone else. Can someone throw me a bone? :slight_smile:

I was having issues with it too… drew posted the how to here: http://tech-artists.org/forum/showthread.php?t=2511

I forgot to put the [/vimeo] at the end, so it wouldn’t work for me until I did the format [ vimeo] vimeo number [/vimeo]. remove the space from the front brace between the ‘[’ and vimeo.

I hope that helps.


Ah I looked right past his post! Let’s see if this works . . .


Awesome stuff Bill! The MK stuff do the Animator’s create the animations first and then you add the fx? for the fatalities.

Yes we usually get the entire cinematic sequence already fleshed out with character animations, cameras, and related props. We then drop in our FX tracks and make particle systems to make particle happiness! We also have FX lights we can make. God I can’t wait until I can show the stuff I’m working on now . . . :D:

Thanks! I can’t take all the credit for the mats stuff, as I had a bit of help with it, since the first version I worked up was pretty ugly with cost. I had a great programmer help me with troubleshooting the mat so it was cost effective and pretty much looked the same in the end. Thus began my love of shader materials. :laugh:

Hey imbuefx,
Thanks for posting your reel! It looks like you had a blast working on these. So much inspiration here!

I tend to keep my reels separate by game.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2

Marvel Super Hero Squad (Grip did a lot of cartoony stuff)

other misc vids here:

I was at Griptonite games for a year where i spent most my time directing the FX department. Looking back, probably wasn’t the best move, should have stuck with a higher end company working on FX daily. Didn’t end up with a lot I could use from that job. Once we put out some game-play videos here at Zenimax this will be the first place i post them. Still dreaming of working with the Unreal engine one day :stuck_out_tongue:


[QUOTE=imbuefx;15751]Ah I looked right past his post! Let’s see if this works . . .


cool stuff you got there :wow:

Awesome Fred! I have your reel in my inspiration folder :rolleyes:

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That reel is an amazing piece of work. If you keep updating it will have the potential to become huge!


Not perfect as predecessors but for first time here not so bad. Hi all :wink:

All VFXes mine + 90% shaders.

Homefront was the better one out of the 2 from Fhoop.

I actually liked Demnos games, the kiddy ones and the serious ones later on.

That puppet monster boss was great! :slight_smile: