UI data binding and non-Qt UI, useful?


I’m wondering, are you guys interested in a UI data binding Python module that works with libraries other than Qt?

I’m currently planning to release as open source my data binding library that works with all Qt bindings (Qt.py, PyQt5/6, PySide2/6) and Python 2/3. The way I did it is pretty general and I think I could easily support other libraries, or at least make it configurable enough for the user to add support for the required library himself.

What are the most common UI libraries used in the VFX industry? I know Blender has its own UI library, but what about the other tools used in the industry outside of Maya, what do they use?

My focus is Qt and Maya, but I’m willing to try and support other libraries and software, I just don’t know what else would be the most useful to focus on. Can you please tell me what other software you would like to see it supported?


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Think most of the mainstay DCC’s use PySide of some sort iircc:

  • all autodesk use PySide (max, maya, mobu(not sure on that))
  • Substances use PySide
  • Photoshop has its own OR HTML (has it’s own ui event system I think?)
  • Zbrush has its own (good luck supporting in that pile…)
    There’s probably some others that I’ve forgotten but that’s just off the top.
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Thanks @Tool It seems Qt may be enough since is used so much. I thought to ask because I want to put the library on PyPI and I wasn’t sure if I should use “qt” in the name, or be more general in case I will support other libraries.