Toggling visibility of colors on meshes

Hello everyone,
I’m trying to develop a hide/show functionality using python in Maya.

I was able to develop a functionality that assigns colors to selected meshes using the polyColorPerVertex command.

#Showing a sample code for one color.
cmds.polyColorPerVertex(, rgb=(1,0.5,0), cdo=1) 

#I fetch using the (sl-True) command, which I have declared previously

coming to the problem now , I need to develop a Hide/Show functionality , so far , I’ve tried to turn off the visibility mode , using cdo=0 and it did not work

cmds.polyColorPerVertex(, cdo = 0)

I have also tried to set it as a attribute using

for obj in

and I’m gettng the following error

 RuntimeError: setAttr: No object matches name: obj.displayColors

Can someone help me on where I could be going wrong or help me with some API which could enable me to design the Hide/Show functionality.

Thank you! Good day.