Tiled particles in Houdini


New to this forum but excited to join, learn and share.

I was wondering if anyone had found a way to tile particle systems and or deformations in Houdini? I have created ripples on a grid but they clip the edges. I am trying to have them repeat on the other side.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



As a heads up most of the active Houdini chat is done on the slack channel. I didn’t even know there was a physical forum here, lol.

So your question can mean a few different things. Slack is a bit better to chat about this than forum.

One answer is instancing on a grid or any point configuration.
Another is to mirror sop these, and then instance.
Or you could tile based on UVs in displacement and just layer the displacement with two or more UV sets. You can do this in SOPs too, a bit more expensive though.

Slack link.