Technical Environment Artist @ Terrible Posture Games (Full Time Remote)

Terrible Posture Games is a group of independent developers with a penchant for fresh ideas in gaming,
such as the FPS/Rogue-lite hybrid “Tower of Guns” and the first ever playable sitcom “3 out of 10”. TPG is
currently looking for an experienced Technical Environment Artist. This is a permanent and fully remote
position with benefits.


● Act as the bridge between art, animation, design, and programming to communicate and solve
● Lighting environments from scratch in an efficient way using platform rule-sets or specs.
● Authoring materials in Unreal 4/5 and modifying existing ones for performance.
● Handling various technical Unreal issues and problem solving when it comes to the asset
creation pipeline and optimization.
● Helping others on the team with various software issues and workflows along with authoring
custom tools for Unreal and Maya.


● At least 2 years experience with 2 shipped titles.
● Strong Demonstrated ability with using Maya for hard surface workflow / level mod-kit creation /
and texturing with shared atlases
● Demonstrated knowledge of Unreal 4 and Blueprints
● Strong eye for Lighting, Color, and Composition
● Demonstrated ability to create tools that are used by others to help their workflow


● Mel scripting for Maya to make basic commands
● Experience with Unreal AnimBP and animation assets.
● Experience with Unreal Sequencer.
● Experience with Unreal Editor Utility Widgets
● Ability to create 2D stylized textures for 2D prop items.

You can checkout our website to see what we’ve made so far. To apply, please send your resume and any links to your portfolio etc to [email protected]