Technical Artist / Unity Pipeline Dev @ job training VR startup

We are looking for a TA generalist who can:

  • build pipeline tools to assist artists work (eg. asset database)
  • act as the bridge among art, dev, and instructional design teams throughout the lifecycle of the projects
  • have in-depth knowledge of unity, scripting, version control (git and perforce), and 3d modeling softwares
  • identify and tackle bottlenecks in architecture/system
  • continuously upgrade the look and feel of our simulations

We are a quickly growing, NYC-based startup that releases high volumes of job training VR simulations. We have a large amount of existing 3D assets that need reorganization and a central database; we also need a person who has in-depth understanding of both dev and art to help communicating between teams, throughout the development cycle: sitting in on design meetings, diving into git to troubleshoot a broken lightmap, answering art questions from design and dev questions from art, writing shaders because you simply love it, etc. If these challenges sound intriguing to you, please reach out!

This is a fulltime position, but we are open to other options for the right candidate.

View full job post and apply here:

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