Tech Artist Industry Survey - May 2023

Please take the Industry Survey!

This survey is anonymous, please only submit once. Responses must be in by May, 31 2023 and results will be posted to the community in June 2023.

We realize “Tech Artist” might not be in your title, or used by your industry/employer. Please answer as best you can based on your equivalent title.

You may see that your email address is “logged in” but this is just for saving progress, your email address will not be recorded as part of the survey. To be safe you can always use incognito mode.

Survey Link:


I’m running behind getting these results together, I’ll have them posted by the end of July!

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Hi man, where is the result posted? Bumping into this thread, and would love to see the result!

This took longer than I would have liked but here are the results from the survey!

We had 147 TAs respond, with a combine 1050 years experience! :slight_smile:

I’ve opened up the standard google results. The way these are presented isn’t very good, but it is ALL the responses. Standard Google Results

I have put together a more useful salary focused report, this is what most people seemed interested in. It breaks down averages by industry and title. The sample size is very small for some of these so I wouldn’t read into it too much.

I originally planned to release the raw tabulated data to the community so that anyone could make reports/visualizations. However, after seeing the responses it was clear that it would be too easy to figure out who participated with a little linked-in snooping, and I don’t feel comfortable releasing it.

Because I decided not to release the raw data, I started creating a full report of the results, since the google one kind of sucks. I made good headway on this in my free time, but its not ready and I don’t want to hold this up any longer. If there is any other interesting analytics you’d like to see (like the salary thing above) I could find some time to make a couple more visualizations.

I’d like to run this again next year (maybe before GDC?) I’ve learned a lot about what to do, and what not to do for a survey. There also many good suggestions from participants in response to the last question.

For the tabulated data privacy problem, I’m thinking that next time I could do the following…

  • Do not allow custom inputs for “Other” answers. This requires cleanup of almost every answer before the visuals are useful, and the answers are sometimes too specific
  • I’m thinking State/Province is specific enough for salary purposes.
  • Have a question asking for permission to release the raw responses… “Can we include your responses to this survey in a tabulated form that will be released to the TA community?” This way people can opt out of that. We risk the raw data being less useful if a bunch of people opt out though.

Thanks for everyone who participated, and I hope you all find this useful!


Thanks for the survey results! There are some interesting things in the raw data (the amount of remote work or how many TAs are in one given company)

Two things:

  1. My issue with the salary graphic is, that having America in the mix is making the numbers not as useful as they could be. Now the average is too low for America and too high for anywhere else in the world. and trying to figure out ranges in Europe by the heatmap is a lot of guesswork (could be 20k-120k).
    Could you please add average data with isolating America?
  2. If I can help with pulling out and presenting other/more data from this survey or the next one. Feel free to message me, would be happy to contribute :slight_smile: