Tech Art Director at Highwire Games

About Highwire

We’ve been working in secret for the past three years on a high-profile flat-screen shooter for current and next-gen consoles and PCs that will certainly be one of the most talked about games when we announce it not too long from now.

Highwire is led by the former lead designer, audio director, and design directors for Halo and Destiny, as well as a co-founder of Airtight, Red Lens, and other studios. We’ve all left the mega-studio factories behind so we can work with a tight team of talented people who all love to tackle the hard stuff and create things with impact. Our team is about 30 people right now, and we hope it will never get larger than 50.

We’re looking for a tech art director to lead our art team and make the Unreal Engine do some extraordinary things. Don’t worry about having lots of management experience. We’re mostly interested in your technical and artistic talent.


  • Bring together cutting-edge rendering techniques, layered materials, lighting, visual effects, and post-processes to create a believable and realistic world
  • Work with the creative director to establish the game’s look.
  • Guide the daily activities of the art team while mentoring and providing feedback to artists and art leads, and help us grow our art team
  • Actively create production assets
  • Work with the external teams helping us build our art.


  • Deep technical understanding of all aspects of art content creation, as well as the absolute latest rendering technologies and techniques
  • Strong artistic ability, with a portfolio that demonstrates strength in both 3D and traditional art
  • At least 8 years of experience in the games industry, including at least 5 years as a senior or lead artist.(Management experience is not required.)

Very Helpful

  • Experience with Unreal Engine.


Please send a description of your work and education history, along with a link to your portfolio, to: [email protected].

Note - Posted on behalf of Highwire, please use the email link for contact rather than pm’ing me

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