Senior Technical Artist at Peer - Create & Play on a Proprietary 3D World Map

:alien: Peer World is looking for a 3D senior technical artist with experience in gaming and mobile application pipeline and production. As we create experiences that do not exist, we need a candidate with a creative tech vision in the mobile gaming universe.

:fireworks: The team is pretty dope—engineers, product, art, and design seniors create technologies to enable innovative social experiences that have never existed before. We are a fully remote crew.

:earth_asia: Peer builds a gamified social ecosystem on a proprietary, immersive 3D map. It consists of a mobile app and a web marketplace, and interactions are based on location sharing. This is just the beginning—the product vision has a broader horizon.

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:unicorn: You are a creative technologist with a unique art aesthetic and a good mix of artistic, technical, and “soft” skills.

:hugs: The Peer world will greet you with inspiring work, joyful team spirit, flexible working hours, and a competitive salary.

:rainbow: We strongly support equal opportunity in employment, social, and communication policies.

:gem: Join us in shaping the digital space where social gaming meets the real world.

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