Hi All,

I’m Glen from the Epic Games Talent Team. I’m partnering with our Unreal Engine 5 and Metahuman Creator teams to hire a Senior Animation Programmer.

The focus will be on developing, enhancing, optimizing, and maintaining the core animation systems used for MetaHumans, and work closely with the animation team for the rest of Unreal Engine 5.

We are looking for someone with …

  • Extensive experience writing C++ applications
  • Experience with rigging systems, animation state machines, low-level animation systems,
    physics-based animation and/or IK systems
  • Experience with multi-threaded programming

You will join our team of engineering experts that are constantly innovating to improve the tools and technology that empower content developers worldwide.

We’d consider candidates globally but would ideally like to explore this with those who are located in UK, Europe or East Coast US/Canada.

More generally we are scaling our teams globally so if you’d value insight into our hiring plans or are simply interested in joining Epic Games, then please do feel free to drop me a note via [email protected]

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