Selective Copy Skin Weights?


Is there a way to selective copy skin weights?
By default, it copies skin weights for the whole mesh.

For example, if I have a base mesh and a jacket, if I execute the default command, all the parts of the jacket (the arms and torso area) are affected.

But I only want the arms area to be copied.

I tried going to the component mode when selecting the second mesh but the first selection is lost. So the command can’t be executed.

Is there a way around this?


I do this by storing my target selection into a variable (Mel or python) and then adding it to my selection after selecting my source skin.
The target selection must be vertices (ctrl+lmb for the context menu to convert selection to vertices).

Store the selected target vertices

sel =

Add the stored selected vertices to my current selection, add=True)

Also ctrl (or shift) whilst selecting in the viewpoint also works when selecting components of multiple objects.

And the same goes for mirroring btw :slight_smile:


Thanks for the response. I just tried the code method and it works as expected.
Have a great day ahead! :blush:

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