Seeking Unity loving Tech Artist - Remote, Strivr

Hey All,

Strivr is looking for a junior - mid level technical artist who can help Unity side. We’ve kept the job description fairly generic because there’s a lot we could use help with! I’m a generalist and am getting stretched pretty thin, so I’m open to whatever skills you bring to the table. Tech focused is good, but art focused could be good too. Unity needs to be a core competency.

I love working here. VR is a fun medium, and in my opinion, simulation training is one of the few markets to be relevant in this space. Its a production job, which means the pace is much more level than you’d see at a demo or product driven company. The people are nice, haven’t run into any drama, as as your lead I prefer to find someone competent, answer all your questions, and then get out of your way.

Love to chat if you’re interested -
[email protected]
580 374 8789

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I sent you an email.

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