Rig very slow on 2020.4, fine on 2022.3

Any idea why would the same operation in Maya 2022 be 10000% slower in Maya 2020? This is in DG but parallel doesn’t change anything either. I don’t see any cycles in the graph.controller just drives some nodes which feed into translateFrame on a place2Dtexture node into a layered shader.


Rig is now unusable in 2020 but I can’t really move the pipeline of the entire team for just me.

The first thing I’d look for in that kind of slowdown is error message / warning spamming someplace – that’s the kind of thing that might not get caught by ADSK’s unit tests. Anything in the logs or listener?

We had this exact same problem at work. Slow in 2020, works in 2022 with that annoying “setDirty” block taking up all the time. Turns out it was some animatable maps we were driving with our facial rig, and we found no other solution than removing them from the rig :frowning:


Thanks, this is similar in that it’s driving some texture stuff