[Resolved] Maya populating the time editor with fbx clips programmatically

Hi all,

Wondering if anyone has had any experience populating the time editor with fbx clips in python (or mel) . There is little to no documentation on this, moreover the following hangs Maya:

cmds.timeEditorAnimSource('TestAnimSource', importFbx=r'somefilename', importAllFbxTakes=True, importOptions='generate')

There’s no clear outline on the dependencies or what needs to come first here. Creating a timeEditorTrack doesn’t seem to make a difference. Any tips or info would be greatly appreciated.

To anyone interested: it’s just broken in Maya 2018 Update 5. Autodesk confirmed. Works in 2019 Update 2.

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I am having similar issue with Maya 2020.

I am trying to create a track with the animation I have in my outline.
I select object and try to add it on my time editor but haven’t been able to create the track, nonetheless add the animation. This is my code

cmds.select (“NameofObject”)
cmds.timeEditorAnimSource(“container_A”, aso=True, track=“New_Track:1”, startTime=0, type=[“animCurveTL”, “animCurveTA”, “animCurveTT”, “animCurveTU”], addRelatedKG=True)

So far this has been the first error that shows up:

Error: line 1: TypeError: file line 2: Invalid flag ‘track’

Any thoughts?