Orlando Houdini User Group Meeting #14, Doulas Leong

Greetings Houdini Users around the World!

Just a little reminder about the next OHUG meeting, 03/25 at 12:00 pm EST, with our very special guest, Douglas Leong. Douglas is the CEO of RADIANCE60, an Unreal Engine Authorized training partner, specializing in Houdini and Unreal Engine training.

Douglas will be demonstrating his procedural pipeline for generating environments in UE5(preview 2) using Houdini 18.5. (Lesson will be applicable to Apprentice: the free learning version of Houdini) He will be covering the following topics:
• Procedural generation of 100s of objects using Houdini.
• Exporting from Houdini, importing into Unreal Engine and applying materials.
• Using Houdini shelf tools to generate terrain
• Exporting terrain as heightmaps via COPS
• Converting the exported heightmaps in Photoshop as greyscale png.
• Regenerating landscapes in Unreal Engine using processed heightmaps.
• Populating landscapes using the pre-generated objects.
After the demonstration, Douglas will answer all of your questions.

The OHUG event is open and free to the public. It will be taking place on-line.

If you are not a member, register at Meetup and follow the links.
See you on 3/25!