Need Maya Character Rigging Consultant

Looking for help with Biped rigging in Maya. Willing to pay per question.

I mean, folks here are happy to answer questions for free, myself included.

Ok. Thats great! I have general questions about Biped rigging in Maya. I’m wondering about the order in which one creates FK control objects, set preferred angle, constraints, IK and SDK. Is there a standard order in which these get created ?

Skeleton first makes everything easier, then you can build controls, setup constraints and connections between them etc… Learning Character Rigging - Rigging Dojo for free resources

I’ve always been a fan of Cult of Rig for lower-level technical breakdowns of rigging concepts.

A good way to learn is reverse engeneer the mGear components. mGear is a free open source rigging framework done in Python. Just grab it and create one component and study the system.

Here an example of one component.