Motionbuilder how to rivet one object to surface

Hello, I think I am using this blog for the first time. I am a little excited. Now I have a problem that bothers me. I am a binding artist and work with Maya most of the time. Recently I am working on motionbuilder. Among them, rivet is in Maya. You can easily set a locator to the surface of the object to follow the movement. Max also has a similar attachment function, but I don’t know how to do it in motionbuilder. Do you have any good methods?

you can use a position/orientation constraint with the weights of the nearest influences to achieve that

This sounds like a method, but I want a more accurate method, similar to The Follicle in Maya and the attachment of 3DMax, which can accurately follow the movement of a certain point or point

It is accurate if you map the vertex influence weight to the constraint target weights it will follow exactly the skinned vertex. or you use a custom plugin like this Attachment Constraint - YouTube

Thanks for answering. In fact, it is not accurate if there is a morph directly to make the constraint. I am considering using the plug-in in your address to implement it, but can you talk about the principle of plug-in implementation, if I can explain it, I am really grateful, I need it too much Him

It is accurate for skinned meshs, if you are adding morphs then correct it won’t be accurate but like all things it depends on what you need.
For the plugin, all the information to install and use the plugin are on the page GitHub - Neill3d/OpenMoBu: Scripts and plugins for Autodesk MotionBuilder

Open MotionBuilder Rigging Tools - Rigging Dojo more tips on using his tools

OK, thank you very much