Maya Scene Converter

Work in progress

Maya Scene Converter is a python-based Qt tool for converting scenes from a render engine to another in Maya, it is not a perfect conversion and it depends on rules files and how good they are but gives you a great head start.


  • Creates rules to convert from a source render engine to a target render engine
  • Easy UI to create, save and load the rules
  • Supports all shading related nodes: Materials,Textures,Utilities and Lights
  • Converts all the scene or selected objects
  • Scans the scene for any node or only what belongs to the source engine
  • Some ready examples of rules files (not very precise but very functional)
  • Prints info about all conversions
  • Tested with Windows only but could work on other operating systems
  • Tested with Maya 2018+ but could work on previous versions
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