[Maya] Relative Paths With No End-User Intervention?


Is there a way to have relative paths with no end-user intervention?

Currently, a project is relative to computer A. But when I move it to computer B.
I have to again perform Set Project command for it to be relative. I don’t want to do that.

I want the directory of images/texture_name.jpg to be always relative the .ma files.

This has been discussed several times (with a suggestion to use this script ) but I get the same result. I have to intervene again when open it to another computer.

So, I guess, I want to confirm is there a true relative path in Maya like (i.e. no user intervention when the file is moved) ?

Thank you for looking at my problem.


I’m having the same problem now. And I guess this is still a Maya thing.
Why do we have to be riddle with the “Set Project Command”

Why not put a “.” monicker as in “./tex/diffuse.jpg” and call that as relative.