Maya Python FBX SDK

Hello, I currently use maya.cmds and maya.mel for fbx settings, is there any benefit in using the FBX SDK. If so, please can anyone explain why and how to get started in using it. I’m a complete noob to this. :slightly_smiling_face:

Note: My plan is to use this knowledge for Maya to Unity fbx exports. Thanks

It’s useful if you need to edit an fbx after export.
I’ve only touched it briefly when I had to hack around a 3dsmax export that was outputting something that we actually wanted to nuke before it got to UE4.

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@Tool I wont being editing fbx files. It’s mainly to export and remove camera. lights etc. It’s sounds like I shall stick with maya.mel FBXExport* commands.

Thanks for your update. I appreciate it. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Using FBX SDK is great for doing pre import or post export cleanup/conversions especially in a multi DCC environment (its not essential but it really helps).
Its also really useful for batching (read or edit) a few thousand files in a reasonable amount of time (mileage may vary) and allows any dev to batch rather than needing a DCC license.

Randall Hess is usually a pretty good source of info.


If the Maya export commands get you all that you need then you should definitely stick with just that. Less moving parts, less things to manage.

When your scene complexity increases and you need more flexibility to modify or cleanup the output, that’s where it become more useful.