Maya pycharm and debug

Hi, I’m pretty new to Maya development but not to DCC tools development
I set up pycharm to work and debug with maya 2023
However, I’m having some surprises, especially comparing to development in 3dsmax

  1. First of all, maya crash almost every time there is a null reference exception.
  2. Second when there is an error or a null reference exception and by chance it does not crash. the script editor does not show the stack trace…even if I activated the stack trace option.

Is there a sort of developer mode for maya? This would explain why I have a crash instead of a null reference exception on point one

thanks in advance

You’re talking about null references, and crashing which usually means C++… But you’re using a python IDE? Does that mean you’re using the OpenMaya library?

How about you explain a little more about the tool you’re writing. Because of the way Maya is broken up, more thought has to go into what parts of its interface to actually use. And IMO, OpenMaya has a very narrow use-case.

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