[maya] Object Aligned Bounding Box?

Can I query a bounding box in an object’s local space?

I can see that Maya is maintaining an Object-Aligned Bounding Box when I change the display to Bounding Boxes in the viewport. However, I cannot figure out a way using either the ‘polyEvaluate’ or ‘xform’ commands to retrieve this information - the bounding box is always returned as an Axis Aligned Bounding Box.


If you were able to retrieve the object’s geometry, you could probably create your own bounding box.
Well, I don’t know if Maya provides object measurement via code, but that could be something to check out.

You need to use the API to get the object-space bounding box and then transform the min/max by the objects transformation matrix:

import maya.OpenMaya as OM

def Run():
	# Get the current selection.
	# The first object in the selection is used, and is assumed
	# to be a transform node with a single shape directly below it.
	selectionList = OM.MSelectionList()

	selectedPath = OM.MDagPath()
	selectionList.getDagPath(0, selectedPath)

	# Get the transformation matrix of the selected object.
	transform = OM.MFnTransform(selectedPath)
	m = transform.transformationMatrix()

	# Get the shape directly below the selected transform.

	fnMesh = OM.MFnMesh(selectedPath)
	bounds = fnMesh.boundingBox()

	center = bounds.center()
	min = bounds.min()
	max = bounds.max()

	print('Center: (%f, %f, %f)' % (center.x, center.y, center.z))
	print('Min: (%f, %f %f)' % (min.x, min.y, min.z))
	print('Max: (%f, %f %f)' % (max.x, max.y, max.z))

	# Transform the bounding box min/max by the objects transformation matrix.
	minTransform = min * m
	maxTransform = max * m
	print('Transformed Min: (%f, %f %f)' % (minTransform.x, minTransform.y, minTransform.z))
	print('Transformed Max: (%f, %f %f)' % (maxTransform.x, maxTransform.y, maxTransform.z))


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Wow, thanks for the thorough example!

No problem. I needed to make sure my idea worked before I suggested it:)