Maya FBX Take Export

Hi, I’m trying to use the FBXExportSplitAnimationIntoTakes from the FBX Plugin of Maya (2018 version, also, I working with python and pymel, but the matter is about the mel module so it doesn’t matter to much).

Everything it’s working right, but there is a thing that I want to fix… apperently you can’t use this command without exporting the take ‘Take 001’ with the scene frame range as the range (plus all your custom takes).

Anyone that used this method before that can help me to bypass this rule?

You can read this note in the documentation here: :kissing:,topicNumber=d30e146083

(Also, if someone can explain to me how Autodesk upload the documentation, because I can’t get an up to date version of all the modules in a single place :upside_down_face:)

Given that the documentation is pretty emphatic that Take 001 will always exist. I would say your best bet would be to use the FBX SDK as a post process step and strip out or at least adjust the values in Take 001.

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Yeah… it sounds mandatory…

Ok, unless anybody bring another inside-maya solution for multi-takes fbx, I go to try out with the FBX SDK. Thank you Bob!

There is an undocumented, inbuilt solution:

It will automatically reset to “false” after each export, so you need to explicitly set it to “true”.

FBXExportDeleteOriginalTakeOnSplitAnimation -v true

It’s used in the FBX Game Exporter:


Yes! I thought that there would be something like that because of the Game Exporter…

I tested it right now and it works perfectly, thank you so much Pac!
This save to me a lot of time…:sweat_smile:

Glad I could help. I searched for this quite a while as well^^ Found it by shear accident and force of anger :smiley:

Oh that is is very nice find.