Maya contexts with maya.standalone

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to run a batch process with headless Maya using maya.standalone.initialize().

Problem is when I get to the Maya Contexts (artAttrPaintVertexCtx in this particular case) they are never created (returns False instead of the context name).

Is there a way to work with Maya Contexts in maya.standalone?


I don’t think so: that False return is what Standalone does when you try to create anything GUI related in a headless maya. I think you’re out of luck if your batch needs GUI items.

You can however launch a GUI maya with a command line that will execute your batch job: kick it off in with the -batch flag and a -command flag pointing at a mel script that calls into Python to do the real work.

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I completely forgot about mayabatch! That’s a great alternative to solve this, thanks @Theodox !