Maya 2023: general discussion

EDIT: I totally missed that 2023 was released so let’s discuss that here instead.

I’ll keep my original post which follows:
Hi, couldn’t find any thread about general discussion of Maya 2022.
I just got around to try it out. After converting all my scripts(which was mostly fine, but I had to do some manual corrections to my indentation) it’s now up and running. I haven’t really used it much, but from what I can tell they got around to fixing and adding some nice features all around.
The script editor seems to keep your code upon crashes now which is nice! I’m still frustrated that I have to put parantheses around my print statements in Python 3. Sometimes I forget and it just says syntax error(helpful? NOT).

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If you do an update why dont jump straight to 2023? Specially if you need to work with USD you want to be on the latest UFE version.


Only reason (and yes I realize the topic was changed) that I would stick with 2022, is if you were still amidst transitioning your tools from py2-to-py3, as 2023 drops the ability to fallback on a py2 environment.
If that isn’t a concern, yeah I’d probably jump to the most current stable version is.


What are some of the features you love about the new release?
As I wrote, I’m really happy that they adressed even small issues like the script editor not getting erased which I mentioned. Even tiny things like that can save a lot of grief imo.

Took them long enough. Meanwhile we have things like Charcoal Editor which has 2 versions and blows the script editor out of the water.

I’m generally tired of these minor incremental updates. The Maya I animated in in 2012 is largely the same as the one I use in 2022. I’m slowly trying to transition to Houdini, especially for KineFX

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  • An official charcoal editor would be awesome, the plugin tends to randomly crash maya for now.

  • Fixing the render setup problems would be a top priority (sometimes maya internal code just does not load)

I don’t know for older versions, but when Maya 2020.2 crashes it saves all script editor tabs in Users\username\AppData\Local\Temp\*

Yeah, no that’s true. I’m bad at keeping myself updated of what’s out there already.

Yes, you’re right. I’ve been there to dig out some code I thought I lost.
It’s just an inconvenience to have to restore it.

I just installed Maya 2023 with default settings on a mid range computer, windows 64, using Autodesk launcher.

The interface is completly broken, basic menus and buttons (such as the menus at the top of the screen like File, Window etc) are missing, the “Command Window”’ just output errors while maya is loading, and it crashed as soon as I clicked on the viewport.

Is 2023 still in pre alpha or something ? I’m used to Autodesk softwares being full of bugs, but that is a new low.

This sounds very weird. I don’t have 2023 to compare against, but that just 100% sounds “not right”.

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There is something broken with your install. Or corrupted prefs. I use it every day without those issues.

The only thing that is kinda broken is the Blendshape editor. There are some missing icons.

I’ll try it on another computer…

As there is now a new start page with a design not really maya like, I originally thought that 90% of the buttons missing on my install was a new design choice.

A good reminder to always take a deep breath before posting anything :smiley:

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