Is creating custom menu in houdini using python?

I am wanting to add a custom menu to the houdini menu at the top.
I found the houdini docs helpful Customize menus and was able to create my own version.

Is there a way to create the same thing using Python? In maya we have is there something similar.

Haven’t done this myself but was looking into it earlier:
It’s a lot more modern / pythonic:

you were asking gui menu (not radial)
this might help:
IIRC you can drag and drop houdini interface elements into the python shell and get their object information for clues on the menu type you’re after.

They specifically upgraded / made a lot of nice python ui / viewport interaction methods to make tool dev easier

hou = cmds++

Did you ever figure this one out? this is the top (and only) thread when googling this.

the commands @dive linked appears to be QT based so likely is for custom tools: hou.qt

there is info here on adding menus to houdini’s main menu bar, but it’s not python : Customize menus,

Hint on where to put your tool
Paul Ambrosiussen 9 days ago
You should make a Houdini package where you distribute all your functionality in! :slight_smile:
How you call on your functionality highly depends on where you expose it
Does it affect nodes in network editor? OPmenu.
Does it create things in your viewport? Shelf. Etc etc

There’s a list of the different menu’s mentioned here