I cant get sppaint to work

Could someone take a look why the scatter plugin isnt working anymore in maya2022?
Even in python2 mode it wont work.

Error: file: C:/Users/Anwender/Documents/maya/2022/scripts/spPaint3d.mel line 17: SyntaxError: file line 1: invalid syntax


Everything works correctly.
Tested in Maya 2019.3.1, Maya 2020.4 and Maya 2022.3.
Python - 2.7.11

I have placed the scripts in: \Documents\maya\2022\prefs\scripts
Icons placed in: \Documents\maya\2022\prefs\icons
Drag file spPaint3d.mel into the Maya window.

Some style flags are deprecated, but that doesn’t hurt.
Under Python 3 you will need to completely rewrite…
If this is not just a hobby/sports interest, then I advise you to take a look at: EnvIt - Scattering Script for Maya


Thanks for looking into. I have to double check the python2 mode.

And Envlt is great. Its based on Bifrost. I kind of codeveloped it with my Bifrost scatter video tutorials. I hope we get USD support soon.

Thanks its working now.
I used the maya in my taskbar which was still in python3 mode.