How to stay informed

Hey everyone, looking for a list of websites, slack channels, social media …etc where I can stay up to date on advances in tech art. New ideas, research, cool tech improvements or possible new tools.

What is your favorite sources?


I personally use here, and our slack channel:

Here’s a couple of good ones. I don’t think there’s really a better place for techart specifically, but these cover related subjects

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Totally forgot about that one, very good resource.

These are some of the blogs I follow (Unity bias):

How does one request access to this slack?


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I use deviantart, tumblr, artfusion, pathreon, artstation, instagram, youtube also.
I can post links on my favourite artists but I don’t know is it allowed.

This is great, Excellent question!

Lots of individual tech artists keep great blogs and post a lot on social media.

Ben Golus:

Also Freya Holmér:

We used to keep a planet-TA blog RSS feed thinger once upon a timer.

@bob.w what is planet-TA? I don’t see anything googling it - is that a now-defunct tech art page?

I think another good tech artist to follow is Delaney King.

No, it was just a little RSS box on the old homepage that you could register a blog with. I think it tracked some twitter things as well? But my memory is hazy.
We basically do a similar thing in the slack workspace, where we’ve got a bunch of blogs registered.

ah gotcha, thanks for clarifying!

Great topic, thanks everyone for sharing!