How to manage "high heels" vs "flat heels" with Control Rig

I would like to have Control Rigs that manage male, female ( high heels or not ) and child

In this post, we talk about Female normal heels VS Female hight heels only.

Someone already did that ? Advices are welcome.
Or maybe with retargeting it’s possible ?

My first idea, is to have a boolean isHighHeels, and manage the rotation of the ankle in terms of with a snap of the toes on the floot , of course we need to elevate pelvis too.

( Unreal version : 4.27 )

In my experience, this problem is solved by pretending it isn’t there and using modeling tricks to make high heeled shoes look flat.
But yeah, you could start by adding a fixed offset to the heels and pelvis - this could be an animation blend or with control rig if you can afford the expense.

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