How to attach clothing to rig

Hello Everyone!

I need a little help on how to attach the clothing to the centaur rig. I just finish weight painting the centaur with ngskintools. If there is any tips and tricks or any methods on how to go about it, I would gladly appreciate it.

I’m a little rusty but what I’ve done in the past with ngskintools is do a direct weights transfer to the other geos once you have your main mesh where you want it. That generally got me 90% there. Also make sure the pieces like the beard and eyepatch only have the necessary influences, e.g. the head/neck bones.


It really depends on what level of fidelity you need for the clothing. I would start off transferring the body skinning over to the clothing, then you can cleanup the weights so they work a little better and start looking at what areas need improvement.

Often clothing pieces like straps or belts need there own rigging solutions like joint chains as they warp horribly when only weighted to the main skeleton. There are also more complex offline & online solutions like cloth simulation or machine learning which you can use once you have a good grip of the basics :+1: :slightly_smiling_face:

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