Houdini model textures turn out brown in the stage view (Karma)

(Note: I tried to embed multiple images when writing this but because I juts made this account it’s not letting me, so I linked imgur links instead. All the images are on this link and labelled: https://imgur.com/a/rN1c5LV)

I’ve been learning Houdini with a tutorial on cgforge, and I’ve been following the steps exactly. However when I got to the rendering steps on the stage context with the Karma engine, the materials I applied to my model for some reason just become a flat brown colour.
I’ve been stuck on this for the past couple of days

In the normal geometry view with the materials, it looks properly textured.

But as soon as I try to view it in the stage with the Karma renderer, it just looks like this:

I even tried creating a new project and texturing a different model, but still had the same brownish red tint in the stage view. Is it something wrong with the computer I’m using or a graphics card thing?